Nov 22, 2011


I have stayed close to my best friends from high school or before then. I am so glad that we still talk and have stayed so close. We always talk about going on a girls trip but we have never gone. This year we really did it! Allie, TK, Syd and myself went up to Park City for the weekend. What a fun weekend! I don't think I have laughed as much as I did with them for a very long time. We went shopping, ate at some yummy and not so yummy restuaruants, we sat in the hot tub, we talked, and laughed, and talked, and laughed some more. We rapped a song, we made up songs, we had so much fun! Besides it being freezing and snowy outside, this little trip was perfect! We spent a lot of time just laying in bed talking and being very silly, but those were the best times! I love having such good friends, they have always been there for me and I love them!

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