Dec 5, 2011

Family Picture

We don't get a family picture of us very often. On Sunday everyone was dressed, hair was done, and no one was to dirty yet so I thought we better snap a couple pictures while we could. It's crazy how big my family is. Time goes by so fast and Im trying to be in the moment with my kids and to enjoy the screaming and crying and fits and all the fun things that come along with little ones. I know someday I will miss this....I just have to remind myself of that somedays! Check out Ella, she wouldn't keep her finger away from her face or mouth! I am happy we are all at least looking in the right direction, next year we can try to get everyone to smile maybe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a fun time of the year! Who doens't like the idea of eating, eating, eating, and being with family? Its perfect! This year we had Thanksgiving at my mom's house. My sister Niki and her family was there, my family, and Brett (my step brother) was there. My other sister Kelli couldn't make it because she is on bed rest so she stayed in Cedar. We got the food ready but when we took out the turkey it wasn't as done as we like so we took off the top layer and put it back into the oven for a while longer. The food was good and we had all of our traditional foods. Every year the cousins draw names and we do a gift exchange. They always love this part! On Saturday we drove up the Cam's parents house and had another Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. It was a short trip but we all had fun. On the way home the kids all fell asleep really fast and slept the whole way home. It was a fun weekend. I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2011

Happy Halloween!
I wanted to a quick post about our Halloween this year. Halloween is always such a fun time, especially for my kids. They love everything about it. I think my favorite about it is the root beer with dry ice. That is so yummy and we always have fun making it every year. We had the school parades, trunk or treats, and we went trick or treating. My mom always puts on a fun Halloween party. We played a lot of games, took some neighbors some treats, and ate lots of food.  Here are a few pictures.

Nov 22, 2011


I have stayed close to my best friends from high school or before then. I am so glad that we still talk and have stayed so close. We always talk about going on a girls trip but we have never gone. This year we really did it! Allie, TK, Syd and myself went up to Park City for the weekend. What a fun weekend! I don't think I have laughed as much as I did with them for a very long time. We went shopping, ate at some yummy and not so yummy restuaruants, we sat in the hot tub, we talked, and laughed, and talked, and laughed some more. We rapped a song, we made up songs, we had so much fun! Besides it being freezing and snowy outside, this little trip was perfect! We spent a lot of time just laying in bed talking and being very silly, but those were the best times! I love having such good friends, they have always been there for me and I love them!

What I'm Thankful For

I haven't blogged for a very long time. I thought being the month of November I could start up by writing some of the things I am grateful for. I have so many things, but this post will be about my family.
I am so thankful for Cam. He is so funny and is making me laugh ALL THE TIME! He keeps things up beat and moving. He is very thoughtful and caring. He can be pretty sensitive at times, but it's ok! He is such a fun loving dad. My kids go crazy when he walks through the door every day. He beats me at everything we compete at and that makes me mad sometimes, but I am getting used to it! I am so lucky to have him in my life!
This picture was the very first picture I took with my new iphone. We had gone to Applebees after leaving the Verizon store. I love my phone!
Carlie is such a good girl. She is working hard at school. She is getting so social and can make a friend in no time. She will almost always help me when I ask her. She loves helping with the little kids. Carlie is taking dance at school and dancing in a little dance group. She loves playing and riding her bike. She turned 8 this year and was baptized. She is growing up so fast!
Maci is my little tender hearted girl! She trys so hard to make people happy. She is doing very well in school, she is just about a grade level above where she should be. She is very slow and wants all her work to be perfect. I am always finding pictures or notes around the house from her. I would say her favorite thing right now is to be tickled. She can never get that enough! She is a big helper to me. She is taking piano lessons and dance. She loves to sing and has a really cute voice!
Maci broke her finger this year. She had to be put under to set it back in place.
Porter is growing up so fast. I was a little worried about him being crazy and wild all of the time, but as he gets older he is getting better and better. He started preschool this year and LOVES going! He tries to write his name and its really cute. He wants to play on my phone all the time and is pretty good at some games. He knows how to bug Camrie! He is probably my best cleaner, if I need him to help me clean the house he usually will do a lot! He still wets the bed some nights, but we are working on that!
Camrie, Camrie, Camrie! What a little firecracker this little girl is! She loves to climb, swing, jump off of anything she can. She is all over the place. It's amazing the things she does. She is usually not very nice. She can give you a very mean look. We are working on that! She LOVES her "Dee Dee" (blankey) and she still sucks her thumb. Her and Porter fight a lot and pick on each other a lot, Im hoping they grow out of this phase. She knows what she wants and will fight for it!Her favorite show is Barney and will watch it all the time!
Last but not least is Ella. What a fun and sweet girl she is! She can sing "I Love You" and her favorite is the "Wheels on the Bus". She says thank you, I love you, Hi, ma ma, da da, and tries to say the other kids names. She is pretty much always happy! She loves he "Ba Ba". She gets pushed over or tackled by Porter and Camrie a lot, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is 18 months old and goes to nursery!
As you can see just with my family I have a lot to be happy about! Here are a few other pictures. Enjoy!