Feb 5, 2009

carlie's massive sore

So last night we went to Sonic to grab a bite to eat and Carlie said she couldn't eat because her lip hurt a little. She kept coming up to see if it was bleeding but it looked just fine. By the time we got home and into the house her lip looked like this! I don't know what happened. I called the doctor and they said it could be a cold sore, or some type of allergy. Her eye was red and itchy too so I gave her some bendryl and that helped it a lot! So I guess it was an allergy. I have no idea what to. Pretty weird.


  1. What kind of sore is that? Ouch!!

  2. Kyrie has all sorts of weird allergies. Thank goodness for Benadryl! I hope it gets better.

  3. Poor Carlie! Benadryl has pulled us out of many weird, unknown allergic reactions before too :)