Jan 22, 2009


Porter is a crazy boy! Im not quite sure what to do with him. The latest is he is always getting onto the kitchen table. He loves climbing up there. Maci was sitting at the table and Porter decided to climb up. Somehow he fell off of the table and landed on his head on the tile floor. I could not believe his head. Instantly he had a goose egg above his eye that was bright purple and the size of a golf ball sticking off his head. He was crying and I was holding him. I felt so bad for him. He was okay and just has a big bruise now. Some of the other things he is loving to do is open the dishwasher, climb on and take the dishes out. He opens the oven climbs on that and gets onto the stove. He is crazy and will try anything. He is a funny boy!!! I know for sure that boys and girls are very different! I tried to take some pictures of his head, but they don't do him justice.

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