Jan 20, 2009

Girls Night Out!!!

Top: Heidi, Alli, Syd, Lainee
Bottom: Gretchen, Me, Andrea, TK

Me, Tk, and Alli

Lainee and Heidi laughing at something pretty funny!

Heidi had to wear this bowl on her head, hit it and repeat some weird thing!

Gretchen had some pretty funny things she had to do. It was so funny to watch her.

All of us. We had such a fun time!!!

TK had to stay under the table until her turn.

Last Thursday me and all my old girlfriends from high school got together for a night of fun!! Allie came to town so we all wanted to get together since we weren't all there for the Christmas party. We ordered Cafe Rio. Teek picked it up and we ate at Gretchen's. We ate and talked for a bit. Lainee brought a game for us to play called Quelf. None of us had played before so we weren't sure what we were getting into. It ended up being the funnest game! We were all laughing so hard the whole game. The things we had to do were so funny. It is such a random game, you never would know what you had coming to you on your turn. It was such a fun night! We always have so much fun together. It has been years since Syd has been with us, so that was way fun to have her there. Anyways here are some of the pictures we got. Luckily Gretchen and Lainee had their cameras so they got lots of funny ones.


  1. I've decided girls nights are crucial to survival! How fun! I might have to check out that game.

  2. I love girls nights especially with old friends. I always have the craziest time and it looks like you did too.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time! Hey you left acomment a while ago that you were interested in gettinsome bows from me I don'e know if you are still interested but I am having a open house this weekend and thought I would invite you to come here are the details hope to see you there!
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