Jan 22, 2009

Camrie has RSV

So all of my kids have been sick over the last couple of weeks with ear infections and colds. Camrie never was sick. Just the last few days she started getting a really bad cough, runny nose....kind of like a cold. The thing that worried me was her breathing. She had to try hard to get a breath out. So I watched her for a couple days and decided I better take her in to the doc. He tried a breathing treatment which helped a little bit. They had to suction out her nose to get a sample to test if for RSV. They stick a tube up her nose down into her throat and suck all the gunck out. Its not fun to watch. Anyways sure enough it came back positive for RSV. She has been doing really good. I do breathing treatments at home and she doesn't mind them. She tries to grab the steam that comes out and that is funny to watch. I hope she keeps getting better!


  1. Uhggg... I am so sorry. RSV sends such a rush of panic over me. If Tyler would have got it when he was little (2 years and younger), it would have killed him. Literally, he would have died. During the winter months we did $2,000. shots once a month and had to keep him out of public places. It's such a big deal to the kids that are compromised. I hope she gets feeling better soon!!! Hang in there.

  2. RSV is the worst Kennedy had it and it is no fun. Porter reminds me of Gavin at that age. They are crazy.