Jan 22, 2009

Camrie has RSV

So all of my kids have been sick over the last couple of weeks with ear infections and colds. Camrie never was sick. Just the last few days she started getting a really bad cough, runny nose....kind of like a cold. The thing that worried me was her breathing. She had to try hard to get a breath out. So I watched her for a couple days and decided I better take her in to the doc. He tried a breathing treatment which helped a little bit. They had to suction out her nose to get a sample to test if for RSV. They stick a tube up her nose down into her throat and suck all the gunck out. Its not fun to watch. Anyways sure enough it came back positive for RSV. She has been doing really good. I do breathing treatments at home and she doesn't mind them. She tries to grab the steam that comes out and that is funny to watch. I hope she keeps getting better!


Porter is a crazy boy! Im not quite sure what to do with him. The latest is he is always getting onto the kitchen table. He loves climbing up there. Maci was sitting at the table and Porter decided to climb up. Somehow he fell off of the table and landed on his head on the tile floor. I could not believe his head. Instantly he had a goose egg above his eye that was bright purple and the size of a golf ball sticking off his head. He was crying and I was holding him. I felt so bad for him. He was okay and just has a big bruise now. Some of the other things he is loving to do is open the dishwasher, climb on and take the dishes out. He opens the oven climbs on that and gets onto the stove. He is crazy and will try anything. He is a funny boy!!! I know for sure that boys and girls are very different! I tried to take some pictures of his head, but they don't do him justice.

Jan 20, 2009

Girls Night Out!!!

Top: Heidi, Alli, Syd, Lainee
Bottom: Gretchen, Me, Andrea, TK

Me, Tk, and Alli

Lainee and Heidi laughing at something pretty funny!

Heidi had to wear this bowl on her head, hit it and repeat some weird thing!

Gretchen had some pretty funny things she had to do. It was so funny to watch her.

All of us. We had such a fun time!!!

TK had to stay under the table until her turn.

Last Thursday me and all my old girlfriends from high school got together for a night of fun!! Allie came to town so we all wanted to get together since we weren't all there for the Christmas party. We ordered Cafe Rio. Teek picked it up and we ate at Gretchen's. We ate and talked for a bit. Lainee brought a game for us to play called Quelf. None of us had played before so we weren't sure what we were getting into. It ended up being the funnest game! We were all laughing so hard the whole game. The things we had to do were so funny. It is such a random game, you never would know what you had coming to you on your turn. It was such a fun night! We always have so much fun together. It has been years since Syd has been with us, so that was way fun to have her there. Anyways here are some of the pictures we got. Luckily Gretchen and Lainee had their cameras so they got lots of funny ones.