Dec 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Cam

Today Cam turned 29! He is getting so old! Happy Birthday Cam. He has been working SOOOOOOOO much these last few weeks. I feel like I never see him because he comes home when I'm asleep and then leaves again in the morning. We have made reservations at a new restaurant called Pirate Island. We have 30 people coming with us tomorrow. Its going to be so much fun!

I asked the girls why they love daddy and this is what they said.

Carlie loves daddy because he plays with us and he used to jump with us (before the trampoline broke) and because he loves the whole family.

Maci loves daddy because she likes him to tickle her and because he loves us if we clean up our room.

Porter loves everything about his daddy! He is glued to him the second he walks through the door.

Camrie loves him too! She will always give him a big smile!

I love Cam because he is so much fun, he works so hard, he is the BEST dad! We are lucky to have him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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