Oct 20, 2008

Marital Tag!

Ok here goes nothing!

1-Husbands Name- Cameron Blair

2-Who eats more?- I think I might eat more....depends on what it is.

3-Who said I Love U 1st?- Cam

4-Who is taller?- Cam

5-Who is Smarter?- Im pretty sure Cam is smarter. Im not to good on the common sense things. He is. He knows a lot! I do to, but I think he might beat me in the smart category!

6-Who is more sensitive?- I would say he is!

7-Who does the Laundry?- That would be ME!

8-Who sleeps on the R side of the bed?- If your looking at the bed from the bottom Cam sleeps on the right.

9-Who pays the bills?- Usually Cam, I don't like paying bills sometimes I will.

10-Who cooks?- I do.

11-Who is more stubborn?- I am. I need to work on it.

12-Who admits there wrong first?- Ummmm Cam is always the first one to say he is sorry. I would say he admits he is wrong first.

13-Who has more syblings?- Cam has 8 kids in his family. I only have 3

14-Who wears the pants?- This one is pretty equal I think.

15-His guilty pleasure?- Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes? That is a hard one!

16-How did we meet?- We met at church. His family moved out to Ivins where I lived and he moved into my ward. He says he said hi to me and I didn't say anything back to him, but I don't remember that. We went to youth conference and got to know each other a little bit. It was hard because I had a boyfriend so I didn't pay to much attention to him at first. We would hang out with a bunch of people and the more I was around him the more I got to know him and started to like him.

17-Who kissed who first?- If I remember right it seems like we kissed each other. It was the first night he was home from his mission. We were in my car driving through Snow Canyon.

18-Who Proposed? -Cam FINALLY did! I was ready and waiting for him to pop the question. When he finally did I was so excited and happy!

19-His BEST feature?- He has a lot of BEST features. He really is the best husband. He is so loving and patient with me. He trys to always make sure I am happy. Before he leaves in the morning he makes sure he gives me a kiss and tells me that he loves me, even if I am stil asleep. He works so hard and so much so that I can stay home with our kids. He is the #1 DAD! The second he walks through the door the kids are glued to him, especaially Porter. He is so good with them and loves them so much! He is giving, fun, happy, funny, smart, and I coulnd't have asked for a better partner so be with for eterntity! I love you!!!

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  1. Good job Ron dawg you got right on that tag. It's so fun learning about other peoples relationships.