Aug 19, 2008

Camrie and Carlie!

Carlie is loving school! She is so excited to go everyday! It has been fun for her!

Camrie is now almost 3 months old! She is smiling a lot and makes lots of cute noises when you talk to her. She is funny. She likes to be held all day, and when I put her down she cries! So that's been a little hard. I bought one of those snuggly things to try and so far she likes it. It's hard to hold her all day. She sleeps great at night! She goes to bed around 11 and then wakes up around 10 or 11 the next day so that is nice!! At least I know I can sleep all night. Here are some pictures of her.


  1. What a blessing a baby that sleeps all night. You are lucky!

  2. YEA!!! We can be friends now!!! So, as I was blog stalking, I noticed we know people in common. I'll tell you about it sometime!!! You might laugh!!! Call me!!!

  3. We need so swap baby stories. I read your posts on Porter. Let's talk about is sometime!!!

  4. Manti? Oh jeesh, we really do need to talk. My mom's family and my grandma's (from another side) family are all from Sanpete County!!! EEKK!!! I think we have more in common than we thought!!!