Jul 29, 2008

Pictures of Camrie

My sister Kelli had her baby Wyatt. We took some pictures of the 2 of them. Camrie is 6 weeks older than he is. He only weighed 5.13 so he was smaller to begin with, but Camrie looks huge compared to him!
Here are some more pictures of Camrie. She is now smiling and her cute personality is starting to come out. She definitely has her times when she is hard and likes to cry, but we get through it! She sleeps through the night and I LOVE that. It is so nice to get a long stretch of sleep.
Camrie is a little chunck! I love it!

Jul 8, 2008

Porter fell asleep in his high chair.

This has never happened. Kind of nice.

Jul 6, 2008

Camrie's Blessing Day

Today was Camrie's blessing day. I don't know about you but these days are Stress!!! With getting everyone ready, to getting the food ready, to making room for everyone is hard! Im always feel relieved when they day is over. Cam did a really good job and Camrie slept the whole time. It was really nice. I was so worried about everything else I forgot to get some pictures of Camrie in here dress so Im going to put it back on her and take some because she looked so cute! We did get a family picture. I will add some more pictures of her later, but for now here is our family. We are getting to be a big family. I have a really good family, my kids are usually really good and are a big help. I have a GREAT husband, he is such a good dad. My kids go crazy when he gets home from work. They will not leave him alone. He works hard and I really appreciate him. These pictures are not the best.... Carlie and Maci didnt want to take a picture so they aren't smiling very good and Porter is doing who knows what!

Sponge Curlers

Im sure you all remember those fun pink sponge curlers??? Well lately I have loved those things for Carlie and Maci's hair. I give them a bath at night and then put the curlers in. I have been a little surprised that they don't mind me doing this. They go to bed and in the morning they have a head full of curly hair. The thing I love is it only takes me 5 min and there hair is done. It is so fast and looks cute. It has been a time saver. Im getting pretty fast and putting them in too. Anyways here are a few pictures of them with curly hair.