Jun 18, 2008


They made some pretty funny faces!

baby Camrie, 2 1/2. weeks old. She is a good baby we love her!

Porter loves looking at pictures of himself! He is such a funny kid.

I attempted to take some pictures of Camrie, but didn't have to much luck. The camera would flash and so she would close her eyes almost every time I tried. I didn't get any great shots of her but I will stil put some on. I got some better ones of the other kids so I will have to keep trying with her. Enjoy!


  1. I can't believe you two have 4 kids! They sure are cute kids though! Camrie totally has your nose Ronni! I'll probably call you today to chat cuz it seems like it's been awhile. Have fun!

  2. WOW with bigger letters!! I too, cannot believe the 4 kids it's insane but good. You can definitely tell they're your kids. We need to go to lunch. Call me