Dec 3, 2007

Finally new pictures!

Here are some recent pictures of Porter, he is a funny baby! Carlie loves taking his picture ( I think she took all of these ones) He is a really good baby and we are glad he is around! He is getting so big too, we love that.

These were taken in the morning when he woke up, his hair looks pretty funny!

Maci had her first dance recital at the Dickins Festival this last Saturday. Her class did a dance to Santa Baby. He actually did really good. She did the dance and sang the whole time. It was funny to watch her up there on the stage. She loves going to dance. She got to wear make-up and since that is her favorite thing that made things really easy to get her ready for her performance. I had to put some make up on Carlie to, she was feeling left out. Good job Maci!


  1. Ronni, Porter is so cute!! He is getting so big soo fast. I can't keep up with all you girls. Well at least i will have a lot of babysitters to choose from. Yeah!!

  2. ADORABLE!!! I love your template.

  3. Wow he is getting so big! He's a cutie. Maci looks so cute too. I'm excited for the day when Hannah can prance around the stage and I can sit back and chuckle at her! Good times ahead! Oh and I have no idea what song you are talking about! You have to find it! Now I'm in suspence!