Nov 7, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun time on Halloween. Carlie had a Halloween costume in her preschool class that she was so excited for. Maci had on in her dance class that was a lot of fun too. They were both really excited to get their costumes on. Carlie was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Maci really really really wanted to be the dragon from Baby Einstien (Blah) so we found a dragon costume and told her thats who it was and she was really excited about that. Porter wasn't really dressed up as anything but a little Halloween outfit. We had a great time at our Trunk or Treat and then we went around to some family and friends after.


  1. What a cute bunch of kids. They look so much like both of you. I love Carlie's wig. And your trunk. Very festive!

  2. They look so cute! I love the Dorothy costume. Very cute! It's nuts to see Carlie with brown hair cuz she is SOOO blonde! Your kids are so cute! Porter is looking bigger all the time too!