Sep 20, 2007

Maci Turned 3!

Happy Birthday Maci
Maci blowing out the candles. Kelli is holding the cake!
She got a couple baby einstien puppets

Carlie was a lot of help with opening Maci's presents up for her. We had to keep stopping her from opening all of them up!
Maci with Grandma reading a book

Here is Emmett. He is a wild kid!
Maci had a birthday on September 17th. She is now 3 and says she wants to be 2 still. She had a fun party. We went and ate at Chili's and then came back to her house and had a little party for her. She is into makeup big time so she got a vanity thing to sit at and do her makeup. She got a lot of Baby Einstien books and toys. She still loves that! She had a yummy cake and we all had a good time.

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