May 30, 2007

Another Weigh In

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know what Porter weighs this week. I took him in yesterday and he weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces. He gained 5 ounces in a week! I was very happy about that. I think my days of him sleeping all the time are over. He is acting more and more like a newborn. His latest thing is at nights he likes to stay up late and when I try to lay him down when he does go to sleep he wakes up. The only way he will sleep is on my chest! I have been sleeping the recliner with him on me. At least he will sleep for a few hours this way. Hopefully before long he will sleep better in his bed. This morning he peed all over my arm. I have been doing so good with that, but he got me today. Things are great! Have a good day!

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