Apr 20, 2007

Update on Ronni

Ronni asked me to post an update for her since the internet card stopped working on the laptop...she will be offline till I can get it fixed.

The Doctor has removed the IV and stopped giving her the Anti-biotics. She is doing great...she is just bored now...especially cause she feels like all she is doing is "living" there. She isn't hooked up to anything, she feels completely normal...other than the fact that her water is broken...but she has to stay there and in bed in spite of all that just to keep her from getting too active or to help prevent a possible infection. She does get the 30 minute wheel chair ride so I can take her outside for a bit.

I have some video of Ronni and the girls and some of her visitors and will be posting those up here this weekend...I PROMISE!

I will also work hard to get Ronni back "on-line" with the laptop so she can keep you all updated here and on myspace as well as check her email and play games.

Till next time....

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