Apr 23, 2007

Ronni Update

I'm finally getting around to doing an update, or telling you how I am doing and what is going on.... early Sunday morning (around 3:00 am) I started having contractions every 4-5 min. I stayed like that until 7:30 am when the doctor came in to see how things were going. They were hurting pretty bad so we decided to go ahead and get my epidural and to have the baby. I got the epidural, but I don't think it worked very good. I could feel when I was having a contraction. They didn't hurt bad but I knew when I would have one. The nurse checked me when we started and I was to a 6, an hour later she checked me and I was still at a 6. I thought that this was going to take a long time to have him. Pretty soon I started having the WORST pain ever with each contraction. It wasn't a crampy feeing like a contraction but a pain that would get worse with each contraction. I finally got to the point where I couldn't stand it and we called the nurse in so I could have her check me. She did and told me not to move my legs, keep them closed because the baby was coming out. She hurried and called the doc, the nurses, the NICU team, and was trying so fast to get everything ready for this baby.

I probably had to wait through about 8 contractions of breathing through them, trying not to push and being in the most pain!!! Finally the doc got there and I pushed with my next contraction. I only pushed once and he got the baby out. The delivery was pretty dry (since my water had broken over a week before this), and there wasn't that much blood.

He started crying right when he came out. I was surprised at how big he looked. They took him to clean him off and just check everything. They brought him back and I got to hold him for a few minutes before they took him. I was so happy with that. I was expecting that they would just hurry and take him away for a long time.

I tore just a little and got a couple of stitches. He did so good! He only had oxygen for 15-20 min. He was almost 5 pounds. We were both so happy with how he was doing. When I came un-numbed a little, I got in a wheelchair and came to the NICU to see him. Again he was doing so well. He still is. I stayed with him for the rest of the day, but had to go to my room and rest for a while.

I was able to check out on Monday morning. I couldn't wait to go home, shower, do my hair, and wear something other than the hospital gown. I have tried to come over to hold him as much as I can. It is hard with kids at home because you have to arrange for them to be watched. So far my mom and Cam have watched them.

The girls got to see him and they were excited. Every day Porter is doing better and better. We can hold him when we want. They like you to do this thing called skin to skin where you lay him on your chest skin to skin. He loves that and that always comforts him. I am feeling tired but I want to be here and want to be home with Carlie and Maci. I am hoping he won't have to be here for a long long time. He is so cute and little! He was born half the size of what Carlie and Maci were so he seems so small.

They have started doing feedings with him. He has a feeding tube they feed him through. I have been pumping and bringing in milk for them to give him . I have tried to nurse him but he doesn't know how to really suck and swallow yet. I think things are the best they can be for the situation we are in. He is a good baby. His cry is getting stronger and louder. His color is so well. It will be so fun when we can take him home, but for now we are trying to be here and home. It is hard and tiring but worth it when I get to hold him!

I am feeling good, I haven't been in pain hardly at all. Thanks for reading this and for all of you who have called, or anything. We really appreciate it! We are just taking it day by day. He is getting stronger day by day. I have to admit it was nice not having to go to 40 weeks!

This pregnancy was shorter than most.

Thanks again!

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