Apr 30, 2007

Out of the NICU!

Great news. Yesterday, Porter was let out of the NICU and moved into a "Family Room". Its like one of the pre-delivery rooms, but it has a queen size bed, couch, two rocking chairs....etc. Its setup to be used like a hotel room for the family. We are charged to take care of Porter as we would normally do at home, and then just report to the nurse every so often including how much he eats, poops, weighs and his temp. As long as he keeps doing as good as he has done in the NICU, and after they make Ronni watch a video on taking care of our baby (including how to do CPR if needed) then we will get to bring Porter home on Tuesday.

All of the nurses and doctors are so happy with how well Porter had done. They have described his case as a "perfect" case. Nothing could have gone any better than it has for this little guy! That makes us so happy and excited that we don't have to stay in there for the 6 weeks they told us we may have to do. Instead he has only been there a week from yesterday...and of course Ronni has been there 9 days prior to that.

So, thanks be to God, and everyone who has been thinking, praying, and visiting us. We have been so very supported by so many wonderful people!

Just so you know, we will continue to keep this blog updated on Porter as he continues to bookmark this page and visit often.


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  1. Yay for Porter! That is so awesome! He sounds like he must be a strong little guy!