Apr 16, 2007

Early morning contractions

Just a quick update from Cam...I went home last night at about 11 to sleep in my bed and I slept so good...till about 6 am when Ronni called saying that she had been having strong contractions again and they had been 3 to 5 minutes apart. With that, Kelli left work to come be with Maci and Carlie so Sidney and I could go to the hospital to be with Ronni.

After I got here at about 7:00, Ronni's contractions had pretty much stopped and so they took her off the IV and oxygen. Doctor Lunt came in and checked in with us. He said that everything is normal and that he will check back early this afternoon to see how Ronni is doing. She has been sleeping on and off since then.

I'll have her give an update later today on her progress and thoughts so far.

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