Apr 25, 2007

April 25th

Hey it's Ronni. I just wanted to let you all know Porter is doing really good. Every day is better than the one before. He has turned a little yellow so he has to lay under a blue light to help that go away. They are giving him food every 3 hours and every other feeding they give him 5 more cc's. It still looks like such a small amount but he is digesting it well and handling it good. We are lucky to be able to hold him so much! When I go I just sit and hold him. He sleeps all the time! Last night was really the first time I have seen him with his eyes wide open. He was looking around and was alert. He poops and pees a lot which is nice because I haven't had to change a diaper yet! I will one of these times, but the nurses to do it for now. He is great! I am so happy he is doing so good. I am feeling really good but a couple days ago starting breaking out in a rash that has gone everywhere. The doc says it looks like an allergic reaction to something but it looks like I have hives all over and it itches!!! I try so hard not to itch it. Other than that I am doing wonderful. Carlie and Maci have been doing really well also. It has been nice that Cam can stay home and try to get a little work done from home so he can be with the girls. Im grateful for that. They are happy and we have had fun with them. We will take some more pictures tonight hopefully and put them on here. Have a fun day!

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