Apr 21, 2007

April 21st

I have a great husband! He likes to make fun of me when I do silly things....that ambien really does something to me though. I know I would be laughing at him if he was the one who had to take it. I am so grateful for him, he really does try and do a lot for me and the girls. He is a wonderful dad! Always telling Carlie and Maci how much he loves them. We are lucky to have him. He helps me to get through some of these days.

As far as how I am doing, I am doing good. I have to admit it is kind of nice to shower and not have to worry about what to wear, and not do my hair. The only thing I do is comb my hair and put on some mascara. That part has been a positive I guess! I haven't had anything change. We are just waiting for this baby to decide on when he wants to come. If you want to make a guess on the day that would be fun, whoever guesses the closest we will get a fun prize for them. Leave a comment on this post so we know who wants to play!

Also we are thinking of 3 names and would love to hear what you all like. The names we are trying to decide on are...... Porter, Landon, or Gentry. Please let us know which name you like the best. We are having a hard time choosing one. We will have to see who he looks like.

My friend brought me in some things to be able to knit a little baby hat out of yarn. It looks easy until I tried it, I can't figure it out. You basically just wrap yarn around a round ring. I'm not good at these kinds of things so she is going to have to come back in and teach me how.

I have started reading a book called The Witness that my sis -in-law let me borrow, its a mystery. It has been good so far. I always have the internet to make time go by. So I have some things to do which is nice. I feel like Im in that movie Ground Hog's Day, where I wake up every morning and its the same day. I don't have many things that change from day to day.

I keep rambling on.....we will keep the updates coming! This has been fun to do, I hope you have liked reading it. Have a fun Saturday!


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