Apr 19, 2007

April 19th

Today has been an emotional day for me! My mom took Carlie and Maci up to Salt Lake to get ready for Kelli's wedding. I feel bad that my mom has to take them without me, but I think they are going to have fun. Im sure the wedding will be fun and everything will turn out good. I wish I wasn't stuck here in bed. Nothing is changing with me. I get to ride around in a wheelchair every day now for 30 min. so that will be fun. It will be nice to go outside and get some fresh air! On Friday will be the last day I have to take the antibiotics. After that they will just watch me and wait for something to happen. I have had a sore throat all day so that hasn't been fun, hopefully it will pass and go away! I got a few videos to watch and some more magazines to read. Its really nice to have the lap top here so I can get on the internet and play games and things. So far today just another typical day. I guess thats good. The nurse said every day I keep the baby in me is worth 2 days in the NICU. I have to remember that and be glad that I haven't had my baby yet. The baby is definitely better being in me and not being born yet! The baby is moving all over! I am feeling fine. That is the latest! Thanks to everyone who has come to see me. It has been nice!

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