Apr 30, 2007

Out of the NICU!

Great news. Yesterday, Porter was let out of the NICU and moved into a "Family Room". Its like one of the pre-delivery rooms, but it has a queen size bed, couch, two rocking chairs....etc. Its setup to be used like a hotel room for the family. We are charged to take care of Porter as we would normally do at home, and then just report to the nurse every so often including how much he eats, poops, weighs and his temp. As long as he keeps doing as good as he has done in the NICU, and after they make Ronni watch a video on taking care of our baby (including how to do CPR if needed) then we will get to bring Porter home on Tuesday.

All of the nurses and doctors are so happy with how well Porter had done. They have described his case as a "perfect" case. Nothing could have gone any better than it has for this little guy! That makes us so happy and excited that we don't have to stay in there for the 6 weeks they told us we may have to do. Instead he has only been there a week from yesterday...and of course Ronni has been there 9 days prior to that.

So, thanks be to God, and everyone who has been thinking, praying, and visiting us. We have been so very supported by so many wonderful people!

Just so you know, we will continue to keep this blog updated on Porter as he continues to bookmark this page and visit often.


Apr 29, 2007



Apr 27, 2007


New Pictures of Porter

These pictures were taken with my cell phone. There are more, but you will have to visit our photo gallery to see the rest.

April 27th

Hey everyone I just wanted to do a quick update..... Porter gets to be moved into an open crib type thing and gets to get out of the incubator. This is going to make is so much easier to get him in and out. Even though I have just learned what to push and what to do to get him in and out. We are excited! He is getting some more calories added to his milk so he can hopefully start gaining a little weight. He weighs around 4 pounds 5 ounces right now so he has lost a little, but every baby always does in the first few days. His bellyruben score was lower today so he doesn't have to get the blue light special. So all he needs to do now is gain some weight and learn how to eat! I get to try feeding him 2 times a shift now. He has done okay. He usually falls to sleep but he has latched on and sucked for a couple minutes so that is good. I think we just need to practice a lot with it and he will learn how to do it. I am so happy with how well he is doing. Thats the news for now.

Apr 26, 2007

Update on Porter

Porter is doing very well...still. He got his IV taken out. He seems to be learning how to breast feed very well. He has lost a couple of ounces in weight, but is now on the upside. It's a lot easier to get him in and out of the isolette (incubator thing) now that we don't have to worry so much about his IV that was in his belly button. Plus the Doc's say he should be able to be put in a crib in the next day or two for good. He is at his "goal" of feeding...he gets 45cc's of food every 3 hours.

This entire experience has been pretty cool. Its challenging and new, but way better than we thought it was going to be. Mostly because he is doing way better than most thought he would do. Not that anyone didn't think he would do fine...its just that they try to prepare you for the worst.

Its been really nice for me to be able to stay home with Carlie and Maci during the day. Ronni usually comes home in the early afternoon to eat food and be with us till she and I go back around 7 till midnight or so to be with Porter.

We have realized that we haven't taken any new video or pictures since Monday, so we are going to take more today and get them posted tonight or in the morning.

Till then...


Apr 25, 2007

April 25th

Hey it's Ronni. I just wanted to let you all know Porter is doing really good. Every day is better than the one before. He has turned a little yellow so he has to lay under a blue light to help that go away. They are giving him food every 3 hours and every other feeding they give him 5 more cc's. It still looks like such a small amount but he is digesting it well and handling it good. We are lucky to be able to hold him so much! When I go I just sit and hold him. He sleeps all the time! Last night was really the first time I have seen him with his eyes wide open. He was looking around and was alert. He poops and pees a lot which is nice because I haven't had to change a diaper yet! I will one of these times, but the nurses to do it for now. He is great! I am so happy he is doing so good. I am feeling really good but a couple days ago starting breaking out in a rash that has gone everywhere. The doc says it looks like an allergic reaction to something but it looks like I have hives all over and it itches!!! I try so hard not to itch it. Other than that I am doing wonderful. Carlie and Maci have been doing really well also. It has been nice that Cam can stay home and try to get a little work done from home so he can be with the girls. Im grateful for that. They are happy and we have had fun with them. We will take some more pictures tonight hopefully and put them on here. Have a fun day!

Apr 24, 2007

This is Porter

Apr 23, 2007

Ronni Update

I'm finally getting around to doing an update, or telling you how I am doing and what is going on.... early Sunday morning (around 3:00 am) I started having contractions every 4-5 min. I stayed like that until 7:30 am when the doctor came in to see how things were going. They were hurting pretty bad so we decided to go ahead and get my epidural and to have the baby. I got the epidural, but I don't think it worked very good. I could feel when I was having a contraction. They didn't hurt bad but I knew when I would have one. The nurse checked me when we started and I was to a 6, an hour later she checked me and I was still at a 6. I thought that this was going to take a long time to have him. Pretty soon I started having the WORST pain ever with each contraction. It wasn't a crampy feeing like a contraction but a pain that would get worse with each contraction. I finally got to the point where I couldn't stand it and we called the nurse in so I could have her check me. She did and told me not to move my legs, keep them closed because the baby was coming out. She hurried and called the doc, the nurses, the NICU team, and was trying so fast to get everything ready for this baby.

I probably had to wait through about 8 contractions of breathing through them, trying not to push and being in the most pain!!! Finally the doc got there and I pushed with my next contraction. I only pushed once and he got the baby out. The delivery was pretty dry (since my water had broken over a week before this), and there wasn't that much blood.

He started crying right when he came out. I was surprised at how big he looked. They took him to clean him off and just check everything. They brought him back and I got to hold him for a few minutes before they took him. I was so happy with that. I was expecting that they would just hurry and take him away for a long time.

I tore just a little and got a couple of stitches. He did so good! He only had oxygen for 15-20 min. He was almost 5 pounds. We were both so happy with how he was doing. When I came un-numbed a little, I got in a wheelchair and came to the NICU to see him. Again he was doing so well. He still is. I stayed with him for the rest of the day, but had to go to my room and rest for a while.

I was able to check out on Monday morning. I couldn't wait to go home, shower, do my hair, and wear something other than the hospital gown. I have tried to come over to hold him as much as I can. It is hard with kids at home because you have to arrange for them to be watched. So far my mom and Cam have watched them.

The girls got to see him and they were excited. Every day Porter is doing better and better. We can hold him when we want. They like you to do this thing called skin to skin where you lay him on your chest skin to skin. He loves that and that always comforts him. I am feeling tired but I want to be here and want to be home with Carlie and Maci. I am hoping he won't have to be here for a long long time. He is so cute and little! He was born half the size of what Carlie and Maci were so he seems so small.

They have started doing feedings with him. He has a feeding tube they feed him through. I have been pumping and bringing in milk for them to give him . I have tried to nurse him but he doesn't know how to really suck and swallow yet. I think things are the best they can be for the situation we are in. He is a good baby. His cry is getting stronger and louder. His color is so well. It will be so fun when we can take him home, but for now we are trying to be here and home. It is hard and tiring but worth it when I get to hold him!

I am feeling good, I haven't been in pain hardly at all. Thanks for reading this and for all of you who have called, or anything. We really appreciate it! We are just taking it day by day. He is getting stronger day by day. I have to admit it was nice not having to go to 40 weeks!

This pregnancy was shorter than most.

Thanks again!

Two new video's of Porter

These were taken just after he was born...ENJOY!

Apr 22, 2007

Pictures of Porter

Porter Cameron Blair was born at 10:54 am on Sunday, April 22nd, 2007. He weighed in at 4 pounds 13 ounces and was 17 inches long. He has blond hair. Once again, I will leave it to Ronni to post more of the details here for you and I will work on another video next.

Here are a few pictures of Porter for now.
You can find more in the Cam Blair Family photo gallery here.

Porter Cameron Blair has been born

We're calling him "6-Boom" cause the nurse checked Ronni and she was dilated to a 6 and then left the room and within a few minutes, he was practically falling out...and so we called the nurse back in and she had everyone rush to get setup and Doctor Lunt here to deliver the baby. Later, all the nurses and doctors were wondering how Ronni went from a 6 to delivery so fast and the nurse apologized for the "6 to boom". I thought it was funny.

Anyway, Porter is doing well. I have been shooting lots of video and pictures that I will work on getting posted here in the next day or two.

I will also have Ronni describe how this all went for her. Just know that we are all doing fine and things are going well so far.

Happy Birthday to Porter!!!!

Things are happening!

Just a quick update to let you know that Ronni is in labor. She is contracting pretty good every 2 minutes. They have already given her the epidural and pitosin. She is dilated to a 6 and is progressing well.

They've told us the baby is doing very well with no signs of stress or trouble at all.

I've taken a little bit of video today and will try to get more, but I'm not sure how much I will be able to I will be taking more pictures too.

We'll update you later today as things happen.

Apr 21, 2007

Picture time!!!

This is Ronni and Maci eating donuts.

Carlie had to get in on the donuts!!

A happy the moment.

Not so happy...heavy contractions and oxygen!

Maci with a mouthful of donut.

Maci begging Daddy to hold her...

Carlie trying to be funny to the camera.

Making faces trying to decide which sticker to pick.

I am putting together a short video that I will have posted by check back soon!

April 21st

I have a great husband! He likes to make fun of me when I do silly things....that ambien really does something to me though. I know I would be laughing at him if he was the one who had to take it. I am so grateful for him, he really does try and do a lot for me and the girls. He is a wonderful dad! Always telling Carlie and Maci how much he loves them. We are lucky to have him. He helps me to get through some of these days.

As far as how I am doing, I am doing good. I have to admit it is kind of nice to shower and not have to worry about what to wear, and not do my hair. The only thing I do is comb my hair and put on some mascara. That part has been a positive I guess! I haven't had anything change. We are just waiting for this baby to decide on when he wants to come. If you want to make a guess on the day that would be fun, whoever guesses the closest we will get a fun prize for them. Leave a comment on this post so we know who wants to play!

Also we are thinking of 3 names and would love to hear what you all like. The names we are trying to decide on are...... Porter, Landon, or Gentry. Please let us know which name you like the best. We are having a hard time choosing one. We will have to see who he looks like.

My friend brought me in some things to be able to knit a little baby hat out of yarn. It looks easy until I tried it, I can't figure it out. You basically just wrap yarn around a round ring. I'm not good at these kinds of things so she is going to have to come back in and teach me how.

I have started reading a book called The Witness that my sis -in-law let me borrow, its a mystery. It has been good so far. I always have the internet to make time go by. So I have some things to do which is nice. I feel like Im in that movie Ground Hog's Day, where I wake up every morning and its the same day. I don't have many things that change from day to day.

I keep rambling on.....we will keep the updates coming! This has been fun to do, I hope you have liked reading it. Have a fun Saturday!


Apr 20, 2007

Update on Ronni

Ronni asked me to post an update for her since the internet card stopped working on the laptop...she will be offline till I can get it fixed.

The Doctor has removed the IV and stopped giving her the Anti-biotics. She is doing great...she is just bored now...especially cause she feels like all she is doing is "living" there. She isn't hooked up to anything, she feels completely normal...other than the fact that her water is broken...but she has to stay there and in bed in spite of all that just to keep her from getting too active or to help prevent a possible infection. She does get the 30 minute wheel chair ride so I can take her outside for a bit.

I have some video of Ronni and the girls and some of her visitors and will be posting those up here this weekend...I PROMISE!

I will also work hard to get Ronni back "on-line" with the laptop so she can keep you all updated here and on myspace as well as check her email and play games.

Till next time....

Apr 19, 2007

Funny stories about Ronni's stay

Well I figure its time to have a little fun and tell you how lucky I am to have Ronni in my life.

The first night I stayed in the Hospital with Ronni (Friday the 13th) was very least in retrospect. They decided to give her two Ambien pills to help her sleep and they did so at about 11pm that night. I climbed into my couch bed and got as comfortable as possible and then fell asleep instantly as I always do and I thought Ronni had as well.

At about 12:30 am, I woke up to lots of mumbling and Ronni kicking her legs as though she were very uncomfortable every few moments. I got up to be by her and to see if she needed anything. She was so out of it. She was mumbling and then realizing she was mumbling and then she would speak normal....but still very much asleep. She kept asking what the curtains were doing there and worried that she couldn't see the monitor screen cause she was so tired and couldn't keep her eyes open...and worried that the hospital room was so dirty... among other funny things. well it wasn't so funny at the moment, I guess, cause she was I went and got the nurse, who then called the Doctor to see what to do.

He said that she was just fighting the sleep. So the nurse and I held her hands and stayed right by her. After a few minutes the nurse left and I stayed next to Ronni for a while just answering her questions and trying to get her to just forget about everything and sleep.

At this point she had started crying very emotionally and all she wanted to do was hold my hand and arm close to her....and then out of the blue she said "I know what songs I want." and I said..."oh good! ..... Which songs do you want?" She went on saying "I want the 1-2-3 song from Tim McGraw and ... I can't remember the other one, but I think its a Rascal Flats song...". It was way funny. After a while, she finally stopped crying and fell asleep and slept till 8am.

The following night, the Nurses decided to only give her one Ambien cause of her reaction the night before. I was worried and didn't want to miss the show, so I stayed the night again with the video camera handy, but this time she did much better. She fell asleep and seemed to be sleeping good until about 2 am when the baby's heart monitor alarm went off. I didn't even wake up to it until Ronni started to sing the higher of the two tone alarm note out loud with "AAHHHHH's". I started laughing inside and got up to grab the video camera so I could let her see how funny this was later...but after about 6 or 7 "Ahhh's" she stopped.

I asked her if she was going to keep singing for me and she declined. So I silenced the alarm, kissed her on the cheek and got back into my very comfortable bed.

Needless to say, she slept the rest of the night very well.

Just thought some of you might like to hear of those very memorable moments we had. Every time that alarm goes off, I bust up laughing and Ronni just smerks at me. I just love Ronni and her beautiful personality!

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing love and support. We GREATLY appreciate all of the kindness pouring in on us and our family.

April 19th

Today has been an emotional day for me! My mom took Carlie and Maci up to Salt Lake to get ready for Kelli's wedding. I feel bad that my mom has to take them without me, but I think they are going to have fun. Im sure the wedding will be fun and everything will turn out good. I wish I wasn't stuck here in bed. Nothing is changing with me. I get to ride around in a wheelchair every day now for 30 min. so that will be fun. It will be nice to go outside and get some fresh air! On Friday will be the last day I have to take the antibiotics. After that they will just watch me and wait for something to happen. I have had a sore throat all day so that hasn't been fun, hopefully it will pass and go away! I got a few videos to watch and some more magazines to read. Its really nice to have the lap top here so I can get on the internet and play games and things. So far today just another typical day. I guess thats good. The nurse said every day I keep the baby in me is worth 2 days in the NICU. I have to remember that and be glad that I haven't had my baby yet. The baby is definitely better being in me and not being born yet! The baby is moving all over! I am feeling fine. That is the latest! Thanks to everyone who has come to see me. It has been nice!

Apr 18, 2007

April 18th

I made it through another day yesterday... not much happened with contractions and things like that. The doctor let me take the monitors off while I slept last night and that was so nice. I slept so much better. I think the hardest thing for me is to be here at the hospital where your supposed to come to have a baby, and I am trying not to have a baby. Its not that fun. The baby looks great, I feel fine. Im so glad my mom has been able to watch my girls for me. They come and see me a couple times a day and that is fun. They are both doing good. Cam usually takes them somewhere when he gets off work so they can play and spend time with him. I feel lazy just being here laying in bed all gets old (even though at home I think we all wish we could be lazy for a while) it will be nice when this is over and we can go home. Thanks to all of you who have called, emailed, or have prayed for us. I will update if anything changes, but as for now things are looking good, I am dialated to a 3 1/2. My labor just always stops but has dialated me some. Thanks again, take care! Ronni

Apr 17, 2007

Monitors get to be removed!

Ronni called me all excited cause Doctor Lunt said she can take the monitors off! She is glad cause she can get up with out having to unplug and drag the cords around plus she should be able to be more comfortable in bed.

However, she will have to put them on twice a day just to see how things are going and also if she starts to contract a lot.

other than that, she is hanging in there. Relaxing (or trying to), eating, watching TV, talking on the phone lots and getting lots of visitors!

Carlie and Maci seem to be holding up well knowing that Mommy is at the hospital to have her baby. I promise I am trying to get more pictures posted soon and some video too.

Thanks for everything!

Apr 16, 2007

31 weeks 4 days

Another day here at the hospital. Today is Monday. Last night I spent the night alone at the hospital and it was fine. I was having contractions for several hours that I took some pain meds to help with the pain, so I thought things were going, but then everything settled down again. The nurse did check me and I am dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced. Later this morning I got pretty sick with a headache and nausea. I threw up 2 times and after doing that it made my headache go away. So now I am feeling pretty good. Getting lots of anti-biotics through my IV. I think this baby is going to be coming in the next couple of days....but no one really knows. I am so grateful that the baby has stayed in long enough to get the things he needs to be as healthy as he can be. I know its going to be hard when he is born because he will be so small and will have to stay in the NICU for several weeks, but I know he will be okay and we will be able to take him home sooner than we think. We will see what happens for the rest of the day. I am feeling better a little so that is a good thing. We will let you know if anything else happens. If the baby comes now I feel good about his survival. We have learned a lot from the doctors here to prepare us for whats to come. Thanks for reading this. Have a good day!

Early morning contractions

Just a quick update from Cam...I went home last night at about 11 to sleep in my bed and I slept so good...till about 6 am when Ronni called saying that she had been having strong contractions again and they had been 3 to 5 minutes apart. With that, Kelli left work to come be with Maci and Carlie so Sidney and I could go to the hospital to be with Ronni.

After I got here at about 7:00, Ronni's contractions had pretty much stopped and so they took her off the IV and oxygen. Doctor Lunt came in and checked in with us. He said that everything is normal and that he will check back early this afternoon to see how Ronni is doing. She has been sleeping on and off since then.

I'll have her give an update later today on her progress and thoughts so far.

Apr 15, 2007



Check it out

Chapter 1 at 31 weeks

Hey everyone it's me! I just wanted to you give an water broke Thursday night so we came in since I was only a little over 31 weeks and so since that happened they have to keep me at the hospital until I deliver. That could be a day or two or 1 to 2 weeks...who knows. They have been giving me lots of anti-biotics so hopefully there will be no infections and they gave me a couple shots the other day to help the baby's lungs develop faster. Its kind of annoying being here, not knowing when anything will start happening. I have had lots of contractions but after a couple hours they like to stop. I guess the longer I am here the better it is for the baby. Whenever I have him he will have to go to the NICU until close to his due date.

If any of you have had any experience with that I would love to know! The baby's in there are so dang little. We are thinking he is around 4 pounds so the longer he can stay in the better he will be. I will be 32 weeks on Wed so hopefully I will make it to that point.

Thanks for all your prayers! Cam and I will keep you updated. I hope you are all doing good.

Love you!

Our Family Blog

We are setting up this blog as a sort of journal for Ronni during her stay at the hospital. It will also be a place for her to post pictures and hopefully some video too.

So stay tuned for more news shortly!